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Stephen Proctor, a native of Tealby, a small English village in the heart of Tennyson country, has tried his best to become the village carpenter extraordinaire that he always envisioned since he was six years old. Leaving the rural life at 18, he went off to London to study furniture design where he earned a BA from Kingston –upon –Thames and an MA from the Royal College of Art.

Since 1975, Stephen has worked in the USA as a designer, fine furniture builder, and teacher with such noted people as Wendell Castle. Stephen continues to teach workshops throughout the USA. After a brief return to the UK teaching furniture making at the University of Lincoln and building a furniture making studio, Stephen has returned to the USA and now makes work in Ann Arbor MI. Stephen’s work is subjective, the sources of his ideas are varied, and in many pieces his techniques are unique. His skills with hand tools are renowned amongst woodworkers, but he is also respected for applying new and abstract approaches to the application of any tools. All his work is built with the intention and with a traditional integrity that will help it last for hundreds of years.

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