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Marianne Vick’s deep love of nature has had a profound effect on her life, most obviously in her wildlife art. Her detailed painting style and ability to visualize in three dimensions propelled her into a career of painting on beach stones beginning in 1972. The palm-sized paintings of every animal imaginable have become sought after collectibles. For the past ten years the focus of her work has shifted from representational wildlife paintings to allegorical pictorials featuring birds and their various characteristics as stand-ins for unique human conditions.

“When I was thirteen I received a set of acrylic paints for Christmas from my mother. In a hectic household of a single parent and four siblings, painting was a way to escape and explore at the same time. The detailed paintings I worked on for days brought a sense of order to me. Those paints opened up the door to a world I have never left. I learned about myself and I learned how to paint.”

Marianne Vick was born in Rochester, NY. She raised her two sons in Northport, MI, and currently spends her time between Northport and California.

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