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Spring Light - Oil on Panel 24 x 24 .jpg

Amy Falstrom &
Laurie Shaman




July 15, 2023 - 12 Aug 2023

See all new works by Amy & Laurie installed throughout the gallery.

Amy Falstrom is an Indianapolis based artist who creates evocative paintings, drawings and etchings. Though the source of inspiration for Amy’s work is based in landscape, she works mostly in the studio - drawing on memory and sensory impressions gathered during time spent outdoors. This way of working allows her to focus on expressing her inner experience of outer nature. After many years of looking at the land and sky to create illusions of it, she now plays with form and materials to give a total effect of landscape or nature as she experiences it. Light, color, movement, weather and seasons become the subject matter. She sees a random and beautiful quirkiness in how Nature places things in the world and makes images in that same spirit.

Laurie Shaman is a Chicago based ceramicist that has been represented by Tamarack for over 2o years. She is most well known for her porcelain tabletop and wall pieces that depict birds, animals, figures and landscapes.

Laurie uses slab-built techniques, with an eye on developing shapes and contours that best provide the surface for her hand-drawn imagery. These forms become a canvas for depicting the natural world, travel and art history. Much of Laurie’s work for this show delves into how we create a “sense of place” and how the forms and features of the natural world shape us.