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If I were to attempt to define my art, I believe the word “existential” would reveal a lot about its character. I am fundamentally an abstractionist, whose work references more to mood and thought and experience, rather than a distinctive style. There is a recurring glimmer of continuity within my work, and I think it’s about joy.


Whether a screen print, a painting, or combination of both, these are my current avenues of artistic expression. I photograph, too.  Settings, drawings and images. Often, I digitally recompose many of my images. Then, I screen print onto paper, canvas, even the original source. Often, I paint on the substrate before I print. I maintain a steadfast reverence for color, as it is a vehicle on which our emotions are delivered


I believe that our life experiences are the bits and pieces of ephemera that become our collective memory. And… through my practice, as a painter and a printmaker, I explore my memory and interpret it through various  and intersecting media. In my art practice, I frequently use generative and optically graphic images that I have created or photographed in composition with painting and/or screen printing.  

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