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I create porcelain tabletop and wall pieces using slab-built techniques, with an eye on developing shapes and contours that best provide the surface for my hand-drawn imagery. These forms become a canvas for depicting my interests in the natural world, travel and art history. The work I make today evolved naturally over time from a strong foundation producing functional pottery, as well as having an ongoing practice of creating works on paper with a variety of drawing techniques. These once separate pursuits have been the basis of my ceramic work, and combined, produce the satisfaction of merging the painted surface to three-dimensional form.  
Many of my pieces have textural embellishments that give a nod to the classical world of ruins, remnants and worn down surfaces. After the bisque kiln firing, the textural areas on all the pieces are brushed with underglazes and wiped down to accentuate the lines and marks. This first step of wiping colors on and off the surface creates a patina that brings subtle markings to the surface that I often integrate in the overall appearance. Whether birds, animals, landscape, foliage or figure, it is my hope that the drawing quality is spirited and enlivens the vessel or tile with which it is partnered.

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