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Len Cowgill
Obsessive Drawings, Constructions

All writing comes from art; all art is communication. I find that, unlike most careers, being an artist involves not just the solving of problems, but the creation of problems you then try to solve. When I was a kid I wanted to be an illustrator because I loved the variety of images on magazine covers and movie posters. But after college I realized I wanted to be more in control of my images, I wanted complete freedom. Later, I began using found objects in my work, old handmade things that helped me move away from two dimensional works in frames. Joseph Cornell was a great influence. I began to put my drawings in printer trays and boxes and bottles and wooden drawers and old suitcases, things that have their own past and weight, and doing this made every drawing more grounded. The drawings and their titles now suggested stories, open ended stories that allow the viewer to visualize their own tale, to add something of their own to what I started.
Eight People You Didn't Know Existed
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Eight People You Didn't Know Existed, 11 1/2" X 16" Mixed Media on Paper, Found Wood Box, $850.00 Next