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Bijou Graphique
Jewelry by Dawn Estrin & George Wilson

“Our jewelry is based upon the concept of creating aesthetic settings for the display of unique photographs. Through a special miniaturation process that retains every bit of detail in each image, we seek to make it possible for a person to wear this art. Each of our pieces tells a story which can be interpreted differently in the mind of every wearer. The dreamlike quality of the images draw those who see them into a tiny fantasy world. The wearer brings the story to others so they may contemplate and delight in this world as well. All the jewelry is handmade of sterling silver. The gemstones and pearls are all genuine and of good character. The photographs themselves are real continuous-tone images, not photocopies or screen prints. The images are sealed into the work with an optical quality, shatterproof polycarbonate plastic.”
Countess Olenska
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