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David Lory
Wooden Bowls

In 1977, David Lorry was one of the first two students to participate in an apprenticeship woodworking class at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville where he taught himself to make his unusually thin wooden bowls. Since that time Davis and his wife, Suella, have been working as a team to produce their functionally beautiful wooden bowls. The process begins with the selection of the wood. David chooses to work with woods generally found in Wisconsin, Iowa, or Illinois. Once he starts turning the bowl on the lathe he must work through to completion, which takes from one to three hours. Then four to five coats of epoxy are applied with a small, fine brush to minimize drips and runs. Suella hand sands between coats of finish to ensure smoothness, and the final coat is rubbed with increasingly fine steel wool. The bowls are made to be used and appreciated for years and are easy to care for; just wash in soapy water. TO ORDER DAVID LORY BOWLS: Email or call Tamarack, tell us in general what you are looking for (size, light or dark wood, price range), and we will email you images of what's available for you to choose from.We gift box and ship all over the world. tamarack@charterinternet.com (231) 386-5529
Hand-Turned Bowls
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