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My paintings are visual questions, they are naive questions about the world and to the world. The world for me is a complex and mysterious cacophony of images, images - riddles. They are illogical and disconnected. Something strikes me as beautiful, and beauty becomes self-evident. I am mesmerized by beauty like a fish that sees the beam of a fisherman’s flashlight and swims into it without knowing its origin or purpose.

Beauty has no sense, no logic, no purpose. But I suspect that real beauty comes from love, and it serves as a mortar to all cosmic elements, otherwise chaotic. Scientific explanations of such human experiences like death, life, love, honesty, pride etc. don’t satisfy me. So I paint pictures of glimpses of the world — they are naive and visually clear and real. I cannot explain them, because they are reflections of my questioning. Through these visual riddles, I explore the mystery that is our world.

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