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Tamarack Gallery was started in 1972 by David and Sally Viskochil. The Viskochils attended the University of Michigan to earn their degrees, his in Art History and hers in Fine Art. They moved the gallery from Sugar Loaf, Michigan to historic Omena, Michigan in 1976. What began as a small fine crafts gallery featuring ten artists is now a showcase for fine art, crafts, outsider, and folk art. The gallery represents over forty-five artists from all over the country.

Modified Eugene.jpg

Tamarack’s trademark image of a winged black and white dog is based on a sculpture created by Marianne Vick, which memorializes David’s favorite companion, Eugene, a rescued border collie.

David died suddenly in 2005, but his influence and humor lives on. Sally continues to run the gallery and select the art, and Tamarack still reflects the Viskochil's original goal of celebrating art and encouraging the creative spark within the artist.


Sally Viskochil



Gallery Manager

Marianne Vick

Assistant Gallery Manager

David Viskochil

1944 - 2005

Pay homage to David and Eugene by visiting the small shrine on the second floor. Leave a note or small token of your appreciation if you are so inclined.



Gallery Assistant


Gallery Pup

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